From Client to Team Mate : Nina's evolution at Settlesweet

From Client to Team Mate : Nina's evolution at Settlesweet

We've had the honour of accompanying over 2,000 people in their search for their new homes! In Nina's case, we found her a new home personally and at work as she joined our Settlesweet team as a Home Matcher just over two months ago. Since then, Nina has found 14 homes for our Settlesweet clients! In this interview, we'll find out more about how Nina went from being a client to becoming our team mate:

1. How did you find out about Settlesweet?

I discovered it when looking for a new job, "complètement par hasard", and from there I was curious and wanted to find out more, so Iooked on the website, and on social media to find out what Settlesweet was about, and really liked it so I applied and started my Settlesweet adventure ;)

2. What were you doing before Settlesweet? Did you find it an easy transition?

I was working as a hotel receptionist. I had been for a couple of years and I would say yes and no, it wasn’t an easy transition because rental markets were very much not my area of expertise so I had a lot to process and discover but then again, yes, it was an easy transition because Settlesweet made it as easy as possible with a great onboarding, lots of support, and a great team!

3. You had an interesting start with the company, tell us about how your home search was with Settlesweet.

Yes! I had to find a new place for myself during my first few weeks at Settlesweet and having to look for a place whilst learning the job wasn’t great in my opinion so I was very relieved I was able to benefit from the Settlesweet services myself. I think it was so great because I did not have to worry, or spend any time searching myself, and it was good to see how clients live their search. It was very quick, efficient and worry free so I was very happy about it!

4. Do you think that being a client of Settlesweet has helped you with your job as a Home Matcher?

I think it helped me to keep the client's point of view in mind and that they do not have all the information. The client often doesn't realise the state of the market and sometimes they need to be reassured and kept in the loop about how the search is going so as to not be worried.

5. What are some of your favourite things about working with Settlesweet & searching for homes?

The team is definitely a huge part of it! I love the freedom that comes with working remotely too. The communication and transparency with employees is a very new concept to me, I wasn’t used to that but I really like it, it’s great to be able to know how the company progresses, what we can do to make it better. I also obviously love finding homes for my clients, it’s the best feeling to know that the search went well, they’re happy and that is thanks to my work.

6. Do you have any plans to move again any time soon?

Not right now, but I do plan to buy my own place in the next months/year so I guess I could be moving again soon ;)

Thank you Nina for all of your hard work! We're lucky to have you onboard as a part of our Operations team. Want to find out more about our growing team? Take a look at our team page!

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