Meet Natalie, Settlesweet's Home Matcher of the Month !

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Natalie Ruiz started working with Settlesweet since the 1st December 2021. Before joining Settlesweet, she was an entrepreneur. She decided to join us because, as a brit, she understands how hard it is to relocate.

She has been Settlesweet's top performer for Q1 so let's get to know more about Natalie !

You’ve been with Settlesweet for 6 months now, what has been your biggest success to date?

Mmm, I must say that I have always been familiar with customer service. This was the main focus of my old job : customer happiness at its very best. So, yes this part of the job definitely always feels successful when at the end of the day the client is happy, but it is not really a new feeling to me. However, my biggest success has been learning to work for somebody else, in a company not mine and with processes which are not mine. To my surprise, I am actually really enjoying it and consider this as my very big success.

How has your time with the Settlesweet team been thus far?

Very interesting, fun, challenging at times, full of learning curbs on the job, myself and the team. I enjoy working for Settlesweet and seeing how each individual is so invested in their job and with the company. I feel everyone is driven by the same will to do a good job, I think it is a rare thing to find each employee so highly invested in their job, their company’s success/image and the customer experience.

What are your top tips for finding an apartment?

Top tip number 1 has to be the reactivity : if you want a flat you have to react fast at each step : selection, visits, sending the file.

If you are not active and reactive the flats will just go to someone else.

Then of course, you have to set your criteria and expectations right considering your budget. The more your criteria will be tight and inflexible, the less you will have opportunities.

Having a clear and complete file at hand with all documents

You have been one of the top performers this quarter, what’s your secret?

Aha! I am not going to give away all my secrets… No, I honestly am not sure. Maybe beginners luck! I am a bit of a workaholic and very active / reactive whether on adds or towards the client, as often as possible I act on the moment so as not to lose an opportunity.

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