Jérémy's experience, the perfect apartment found in 8 days

Jérémy's experience, the perfect apartment found in 8 days

Jérémy arrived in Paris in 2017 to start his career and like many others, he discovered first-hand just how difficult finding and renting an apartment in Paris can be. This was before finding out about Settlesweet in 2018. In this interview, Jeremy descirbes his experience of finding and settling into and apartment in Paris.

Who is Jérémy & what apartment did Settlesweet find for him?

👱‍♂️ Jérémy, 24 years old, originally from Toulous
💼 Head of Growth at Spendesk
🏠 One bedroom, furnished, newly renovated located on rue Lucien Sampaix (a 15 minute walk away from the office)

What was your housing situation at the time that you called Settlesweet?

When I arrived in Paris to join the startup studio 'eFounders', I stayed in a youth hostel for a week then I moved in with a friend of mine in the 12th arrondissement. When the flat-share contract eventually finished, I moved in with my cousin who was very rarely at home. This was supposed to be a temporary fix but as I couldn't find a suitable flat, I ended up staying with him for 6 months... and then I heard about Settlesweet.

What were the biggest challenges with your home search?

I started my search at the beginning of 2018 (roughly around 6 months before I found out about Settlesweet) and I went to 25 to 30 unsuccessful apartment visits. To tell you the truth, I only ended up sending 4 applications...

One of the main challenges in my apartment hunt was that everything happens during working hours. As I have a busy work schedule, it was quite complicated to take the time to call the listings and check the details of the properties. On top of that, many websites or listings are not really up to date with appointment dates or availability of the property. Another challenge was that there are so few offers that you feel forced to visit all of the properties in your area, and as a result, you end up feeling overwhelmed and you're forced to downgrade your search criteria.

Jeremy's busy schedule was a main component in his difficulty in finding time for his flat search.

What are the advantages of using Settlesweet's service?

The top value that Settlesweet provided is that they ensure that your application gets to the top of the pile. Going through a real estate professional, like Settlesweet, improves your credibility when applying for apartments. I also liked the fact that your home matcher can call the agencies for you and this really relvieves the stress of it. Finally, Settlesweet is a service that allows you to keep your standards high in your flat search.

Thanks to Settlesweet, Jérémy was able to find his dream apartment in just 8 days. Furnished, newly-renovated and on a sought after road. If you too wish to delegate this tedious task and save precious time, feel free to click the link below:

Start my home search with Settlesweet

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