The guide to getting the most out of your apartment viewings

The guide to getting the most out of your apartment viewings

Do you remember that perfect flat you managed to visit after pestering the agency on the phone for an appointment? And of course you remember the disappointment of waiting several days to learn that another file had been selected when you thought the visit had gone very well?

Then this guide is for you!

You've had a viewing of a property you like but the hardest part is still to come. The viewing is an opportunity for you to check that the property is what you are looking for and also for the landlord or agency to confirm that you will be the perfect tenant.

Bear in mind that in large cities you will face stiff competition. Knowing how to get to the top of the pile of applications comes in handy to avoid rejection after rejection.

This guide will show you what is involved in the visit from the landlord's point of view, how to show that you will be the perfect tenant and how to support your application after the visit.

1. The landlord's fears before the visit

In our experience, the 4 main fears of landlords are

1. Late payment or unpaid rent

2. Deterioration of the property

3. Conflict with the tenant

4. Departure after only a few months (if private owner)

You should therefore reassure the landlord by insisting on the following points

- Your seriousness

- Your financial soundness

- Your care for the property

- Your behaviour

- Your long-term installation (if you are a private owner)

Of course, every landlord is different and will place varying degrees of importance on each of these points. Ask the agent or landlord directly when you visit: "What are you looking for in a tenant?

Although there is no magic bullet to ensure a successful visit. If your track record is good and you show a clear record on the above points, you will rise above the competition. But how do you become the obvious choice for the landlord?

2. Making the most of the visit

Follow these tips:

A. Reassure them of your seriousness

Present a written recommendation from a previous owner. This can greatly reassure your future owner. If you do not have such a document, there are two possibilities:

- The property is managed by an agency: ask during the visit if it is possible to set up a direct debit for the rent.

- The property is managed directly by the owner: say that you will set up an automatic transfer on the 1st of each month.

Indeed, it is not possible to set up a SEPA direct debit with a landlord but mentioning this point during the visit will reassure you of your seriousness and will show empathy towards the landlord.

B. Reassure them of your financial strength

Put forward a stable work contract with a sufficient income or a solid guarantor (minimum 4 times the amount of the rent). Avoid aiming for accommodation where the rent is more than a third of your net salary before tax, as your file will be perceived as too fragile and your chances of obtaining it will be greatly reduced.

C. Moving in for the long term

Show that you really like the flat and that it is not a default choice until you find something better. Prove that the accommodation is perfectly suitable for you by saying, for example, that it is very well located in relation to your place of work, that it is well laid out, that it is bright, etc. If you are geographically mobile, also show that you are settling in the city for the long term and that you have strong ties there (a permanent work contract, family, friends, etc.)

D. Care in renting

Pay attention to your clothes and be on time. The tenant's judgement is also based on the image he/she gives and this is an easy way to score points.

Mention in conversation that you are a careful person who takes care of his things and that you are looking forward to moving in if you like the property.

Finally, don't hesitate to make friends with the owner or agent and ask questions. Try to find common ground by taking an interest in them. Smile during the visit and don't quibble about details you might see in the flat. This could suggest that you will be a difficult tenant to deal with on a day-to-day basis, which could affect your application.

If there is a defect, it will be mentioned in the inventory of fixtures and fittings and you can always ask the agency or landlord to sort it out later.

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3. Show interest after the visit

The competition in the property market is fierce, so don't hesitate to send a cover letter by email after the visit.

At Settlesweet, we recommend this to clients who have fallen in love with a flat. It is an opportunity to detail something you really liked and to remind the owner of the elements that could make him/her favour you (length of time you plan to stay in the flat, a stable and well-paid work contract, etc.)

It is also always a good idea to follow up the visit with a phone call to reiterate your motivation and the strong points of your application.

I hope that this article has helped you understand the key points of the apartment visitd. Don't hesitate to ask us questions in the comments if you have any !

Enjoy your stay 😄

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